“Save Time, Look More Professional And NEVER Have To Waste Time Calculating Your Clients Body-Fat Again"

Bodyfat App is the Only Bodyfat Calculator Made By A Fitness Professional FOR Fitness Professionals.

Fellow Personal Trainers,

My name is Bryan Kavanagh and I am a personal trainer in Dublin, Ireland.

I own a small yet thriving personal training studio in Temple Bar in the heart of Dublin city centre and a 6000 sq ft gym in Dublin along with a ‘ladies only’ bootcamp in Dublin.

Besides being very busy and having boat loads of clients I am also kind of LAZY at heart.

So one day me and one of the other trainers in my studio were talking about how sh*te other iPhone apps out there were for calculating bodyfat and how limited they were.

You see I love training people.

I love seeing people drop bodyfat and achieve their results.

But I hate paperwork and admin work.

I HATE taking out the laptop to get on one of the websites of open an excel file to calculate somebody’s bodyfat.

I HATE having 5-10 calculations to do at the end of the day when I should be finished working. Such a pain in the a*s...

So I decided to get a bodyfat calculator app developed ESPECIALLY for PERSONAL TRAINERS.

There is even a feature on there that allows you to upload your own business logo and make it look like it’s YOUR iPhone body fat calculator application.

Making you look bad-ass to your clients too :-)

So check it out below and if you think it will help you save time, check it out.

If not... sure have a look at the videos, there may be something you find useful in there.

Hell, if it saves you 10 minutes this week alone its worth the money... 10 minutes of my time is worth well more then $10… how about you? :-)

To Sum Up...

tickLook like an EXPERT, not a fitness instructor

tickBoost Clients Confidence In You

tickIncreased Credibility

tickPositions You as the Expert

tickSaves Precious Time (Be Lazy)

You get an automated Iphone App that calculates your clients bodyfat in no time but also contained you logo in both the App and the 'Results Screen' positioning you as the fitness expert, gives you authority, instant credibility, boosts clients retention and you never lose the results... 

If You're anything like me you have spent hours sitting at home each month calculating your clients' bodyfat %. 

They pile up and before you know it there are dozens of them. 

Out comes the laptop and you have to go on some website or if you were lucky like me you had some excel file and type all the results in. 

The client see that it can be done on some free website and as a result it devalues your service.

Click below to see an example instructional video of me taking Ian Grahams bodyfat. 

You will have to excuse my accent, this video is one I made randomly before I even developed the app. Sign up below to receive the following videos (in a little better quality than this one)


Assessments 101 - How to assess your clients

What method of assements should you use?


If you purchase the iphone body fat calculator application you will also receive the following:

Skinfold Instruction - Parillo


Skinfold Instruction - Durnin + Wormsley


Biosignature - Is it BS or is it useful?


Assessment Forms + Measurement Site Printouts


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